• AD2 Honolulu
  • Maui Native Hawaiian
    Chamber of Commerce
  • Hawai‘i Academy of
    Recording Arts
  • Kamehameha Schools
    Internship Mentor

Owner and creative director Wailani Artates was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui. From sand to snow, Wailani moved to Portland, Oregon and attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art and The Art Institute of Portland. Prior to the launch of Artistry8 in 2009, Wailani was an environmental and communications designer for Ziba Design in Portland, Oregon and a senior designer for Dogtowne Design on Maui.

At Artistry8, it is of importance to create both meaning and beauty, and when the balance and harmony between them is found, the result is humbling. Studio capabilities include, but are not limited to, brand, print, package, apparel, web, environmental and event design.

Inspired by: Hawai‘i, music, sleep, fashion, nature, graffiti, ocean, city, glyphs, clouds, food, country, books, raindrops, seeing, believing, spray paint, post-its, translations, culture, silence, magazines, tattoos, intelligence, glue guns, die-cuts, history, swatchbooks, wine, travel, paper, craft, libraries, french press, similarity, difference, typography, free flow,
and above all, love. Artistry8. Art is 38. Art is love.

PHONE 808.573.8830